קורס - 72 שמות ברכה

להפעיל את כוחות היצירה בתוכי

According to the book of creation, that was written by Abraham our world came into creation in an act of engraving. first creating 32 paths of wonder and wisdom. 10 spaces or Dimensions and 22 basic qualities. the different combinations and quantities of those qualities determines which material and creation we are looking at in our world: an apple, an atom, a soul...

The ancient hebrew's know those and created their language based on them. the 22 qualities are represented by 22 letters of the language and the 10 spaces by the use of ten numbers for counting. there are also 9 punctuation marks for the first nine spaces and the 10th space, our physical realm, is referenced when there is no punctuation mark at all.

In this course we will focus on the 22 qualities that are represented by the 22 letters in the Hebrew languish and the combination of 72 specific root of three letters. such as: מ.ה.ש or כ.ל.י. remember those letters are merely a representation of the powers and they're ability.
the 72 blessed names give us access to inner strength, personal growth and healing.
using these names give us the ability to overcome difficulty, to ease our suffering, to ease physical and or emotional pain and to help us feel empowered in our lives.
we will look to the help and guidance of the 72 blessed names when we feel stuck or unable to help ourselves. that is when their light shines the brightest.

throw the activation of these wonderful 72 names we open a doorway, an ability within ourselves and start to witness true wonders in our lives and in the life of our loved ones. changing the way we feel, the way we act, the way we think in accordance to where and whom we wish to be.

the class is a practical one. we will learn the meaning of each of the 72 names, when to use them, what circumstances they help us overcome and how to activate their healing pathways so that they're magic can touch our lives. 

this class is right for you: 
  • If you would like to understand your universe better
  • if you would like to change your life for the better
  • if you wish to help and bless loved ones
  • if you want to take part in the magic that is creation
  • If you want to increase the happiness within your heart
  • If you wish to go through life on a high energy disc
first gift: a functional table with a magnetic card that can activate the
blessed name into action
second gift: a personal shield card. the card is custom made, in
accordance to your wishes, what is going on in your life right now,
your challenges and what your trying to accomplish in the following
months. we will have a sort personal talk to tailor the card to you.
join us this august 
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join us for ten classes and get a valuable reality changing tool 
+ two gifts 

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join us this august

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for ten lessons of magic creation and wonder
we will meet on the: 

at 18:30 Jerusalem time
11:30 LA time
each lesson will be for two hours